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Looking for a flexible part-time job?

Become a GoNitely manager!

Vacation rentals made easy

We’ll provide you with all the tools you need to be a great host.



One single app

Find everything you need in one single place. Makes it easy to stay on top of things.

One global calendar

Your always up-to-date overview of all bookings and inquiries. Makes staying ahead in planning a breeze.

One unified inbox

Booking, inquiry, or question: It’s all right here. Use it just like any text messaging system you’re used to.

Top Questions

Absolutely not. Our system is built so that anyone with a smartphone can use it – it’s that easy. You need to speak English, be available (within a certain time frame) and responsible to take care of a house. That’s it.

You can if you want – and be paid for it separately (cleaning is always paid for by the guest, separately). In most cases, we recommend using a professional cleaning person, who will report to you using our app.

As the manager, you get 15% of the net income of the property or properties you are in charge of. Use the calculator on the Main Page and do the math – it really does pay.