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Checklists + Instructions

New to this? No problem. We’ll provide checklists and instructions for all tasks.

Mobile App

Your office, right there at your fingertips. Our powerful mobile app makes your job easy.

Integrated Support

Contact us from within the app – anytime. We’re with you, all the way.


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One single app

Find everything you need in one single place. Makes it easy to stay on top of things.

One global calendar

One global calendar

Your always up-to-date overview of all bookings and inquiries. Makes staying ahead in planning a breeze.

One unified inbox

One unified inbox

Booking, inquiry, or question: It’s all right here. Use it just like any text messaging system you’re used to.

Top Questions

Absolutely not. Our system is built so that anyone with a smartphone can use it – it’s that easy. You need to speak English, be available (within a certain time frame) and responsible to take care of a house. That’s it.

You can if you want – and be paid for it separately (cleaning is always paid for by the guest, separately). In most cases, we recommend using a professional cleaning person, who will report to you using our app.

As the manager, you get 15% of the net income of the property or properties you are in charge of. So, as an example, if a property makes $5,000 in a month, you get paid $750.

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