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GoNitely started as way to make managing short-term rental properties effortless, to provide better care, and to help people make more income from their investment.

And we still do that. We still provide a vacation rental management service that earns clients more income and gives them better care than the other guys. That will always be in our DNA. Lately, however, we’ve seen an unmet need in the industry: The need for a better way to buy a short-term rental property. The process for finding and buying an investment rental property is confusing and full of obstacles. It needed to be easier. So, we wondered: How could we make it as easy to acquire and manage property as it is to rent one?

A lot of thought and even more work went into the answer. But we found it. Coming soon is GoNitely’s easy and seamless, full-service solution for buying a home for short-term rentals. We’ll work with you every step of the way, from analyzing homes for ROI potential, to getting through the mortgage process, to providing a dedicated manager who lives nearby. You’ll have a rental-ready property in as little as four weeks - with as little effort on your part as possible.

Who are we? We are Markus Scharnowski (CEO/Co-founder), Judith Scharnowski (COO/Co-founder) and a team of developers, engineers, analysts, managers, and advisors who are the beating heart of GoNitely. It began as a love story. On their honeymoon around the world, Markus and Judith noticed dozens of empty, unused properties in prime locations all over the globe. They found the properties were not for rent for two main reasons: The owners could not be bothered to do any work, not even using modern and very easy-to-use rental platforms, and they were afraid something could happen to their property since they usually did not live nearby.

Markus and Judith came up with a service that could take care of both those issues – and provide a much-needed part-time job for a person living nearby. The best part is that it could be done anywhere. That’s how GoNitely got started.

Soon, GoNitely will be so much more. We’ll make buying a property as easy as ABC by helping people Analyze, Buy, and Care for short-term rental properties in a socially responsible way: For every property managed through GoNitely a community member gets a job.

As you’ve probably already realized, this is BIG and will bring the next wave of innovation to the short-term rental industry. Once you take away the friction from real estate investing and short-term rental management, what do you have left? A property that earns a positive ROI annually with almost no effort on your part.

So, don’t be left out: Be sure to be first to know when GoNitely’s industry-changing service is live. All you need to do is click below to get started.

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GoNitely is truly an international company. Founded by two Europeans, based in the US, and essentially made by a bunch of highly talented geeks from all around the world.

Our goal is to make investing in and maintaining a short-term rental property simple for everyone.

Founded: 2015
Headquarters: San Francisco
Availability: USA

Manuel von Allmen

Manuel von Allmen


Loves fast cars. Can't be without purple things.

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Sheyda Rezaei


Loves amazing products. Loves React Native even more.

Judith Scharnowski

Judith Scharnowski


Loves random creativity. Dreams of rooms without walls.

Markus Scharnowski

Markus Scharnowski


Loves things on wheels. Dreams of his own cinnamon tree.

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Gustavo Sanchez


Loves music. Can't live without his headphones.


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Only loves great food more than he loves great code.


Jared Malakouti


Loves soccer, travel and languages. A lot.


Gastón Elordi

Software Engineer

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Software Engineer

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Damián Taborda

Software Engineer

Loves travel, cooking, cocktails, wine and is a very good soccer player


Federico Bruno

Quality Assurance Analyst

Loves soccer, good books, and cooking

Besides our core team, we’ve had great people help us in many ways. Here are some of them, wearing our fancy t-shirts.


To minimize the number of empty properties, to maximize the number of part-time jobs for neighbors, and to provide unforgettable accommodation for all travelers out there.



We believe in being true, straight-forward and clear in what we say and do.


We aim to be ourselves, with all our individual flaws and qualities, at all times.


We strive to actually do what we say; to be a company and individuals people can trust.


We create an environment where people love to work, and a product people love to use.


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