Have you ever driven a Tesla? One of the most astonishing things about it is the fact that the car packs more high-tech than any other under the hood, but at the same time is so simple to drive anyone can do it. And it even does a lot of the driving for you.

That’s what we like to think our app is like. Nice to look at, really easy to use - but a lot going on behind the scenes. We’ve got a team of awesome geeks figuring out the technical side of things, but we need you to look at, analyze, improve and run everything else. That’s it.

Your tasks:

Run daily operations at GoNitely, consisting of:

  • Build/expand and oversee the customer support team
  • Analyze, optimize and execute the onboarding process for both new properties and users
  • Improve and automate the training process for new managers and house cleaners
  • Evaluate current tools used in operations, remove redundancies and suggest better options if available
  • Organize the process for legal requirements for properties (permits, taxes), automate if possible
  • Find and eliminate operational inefficiencies (where are we wasting time?)
  • Oversee and run operations as a whole, work closely with the founders to optimize and improve where needed

You should :

Dominate the English language: You'll write and talk a lot, and need to do so flawlessly. 

Love people, both internally (team) and externally (clients, prospects): You will be in touch with both groups regularly. 

Have a thick skin and high tolerance for stress: Support ain't easy. In fact, it sometimes gets rather hairy and hectic. 

Have a knack for organizing things: Our system is complex, and needs to be structured better. That's gotta be music to your ears. 

Have experience with or be quick to learn tools we use: Office Suite, Hubspot CRM, Slack, Intercom, GetAccept, Zoom. 

Be a self starter with street smarts and initiative. Show curiosity, figure things out. The world is yours - but you have to figure out how to solve the issues. 

Possess a ginormous amount of common sense. That'll help you take care of many tasks at hand. 

Apply Now

Here’s the thing: We don’t place a particular importance on cover letters or resumes. While sometimes useful, they tend to be overblown and rarely convey a realistic picture. So we leave the choice of upload up to you. Pick one file you think supports your application. If that’s a cover letter, great. If that’s your favorite poem, great. If it’s 1200 lines of code that can take over the world, great. The choice is yours.