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GoNitely started as a love story. On their honeymoon around the world, the founders noticed dozens of empty, unused properties in prime locations in a variety of different countries. Inquiring as to why these were not for rent, the two main reasons quickly became clear: The owners could not be bothered to do any work, not even using modern and very easy-to-use rental platforms, and they were afraid of something happening to their property since they usually did not live nearby.

What if GoNitely could take care of both those issues – and along the way provide a much-needed part-time job for a person living nearby? That’s what got us going.

By providing a simple app that lists any property on the major rental platforms and allows any person willing to invest a bit of time to manage it, GoNitely solves the last hurdle to putting those millions of unused second homes on the market.

Homeowners make money without lifting a finger. Neighbors make a decent income with a flexible job. Travelers get access to amazing places.

Welcome to GoNitely.

GoNitely is truly an international company. Founded by two Europeans, based in the US, and essentially made by a bunch of highly talented geeks from all around the world.

It is our goal that our product can be enjoyed anywhere soon – no matter if you’re a homeowner, a manager, or a traveler.

Founded: 2015
Headquarters: San Francisco
Availability: USA, NZ, CH


Head of Growth

Bre is in charge of sales and marketing. When not white-boarding new ideas for GoNitely, she can usually be found doing a fancy workout or testing the latest biohack.


Country Manager New Zealand

Erlo is our man on the ground in New Zealand. He enjoys getting out and meeting new people. In his spare time he can be found at the beach with his young family.


Backend Guru

Hassan makes sure the Backend at GoNitely is as good as it gets. A social activist, he also never gives up trying to make the world a better place.



Co-founder, 1st GoNitely Manager

Judith is GoNitely’s first manager, and is in charge of constantly improving the management process. She loves all things creative, and enjoys being a great host.


Country Manager Switzerland

Manuel makes sure GoNitely Switzerland runs as smoothly as Swiss Fondue. He loves fast cars and good meals, and his days usually include at least one of the two.



Co-founder, Linchpin

Markus makes sure things at GoNitely work how they should. He loves the outdoors, and on sunny days he’s usually out and about on two wheels, with or without engine.


Lead Developer

Nico is the Lord of Code at GoNitely. When he’s not busy leading the development team or maintaining servers, he loves to spend time with his daughter.


Full-Stack Ninja

Shankar, in his own words, is “a geek, but kinda cool”. He loves anything code-related, and his coding is usually accompanied by a strong cup of coffee – and sometimes a chilled beer.

Besides our core team, we’ve had great people help us in many ways. Here are some of them, wearing our fancy t-shirts.


To minimize the number of empty properties, to maximize the number of part-time jobs for neighbors, and to provide unforgettable accommodation for all travelers out there.



As a Manager, you are the face of operations at GoNitely. We are looking for people passionate about hospitality, willing to take care of someone else’s home.

Your role as a Manager is two-fold: You interact with guests from all over the world, and you make sure the home they’re staying at exceeds their expectations.

The most important characteristic of our Managers is reliability. Guests depend on you to make their stay as smooth as possible. We provide an awesome app for you to stay in touch with your guests, from the first inquiry to the day of their departure. You are their point of contact for anything that comes up, prior and during their stay.

You should:

  • Have a smartphone (Android or iPhone)
  • Be able to speak and write in English
  • Be available to answer inquiries and questions within a few hours
  • Be living nearby permanently (vacations are ok, but you cannot be a nomad and never be around)
  • Be able to purchase and restock supplies (e.g. toilet paper, shampoo)

Extra awesome:

  • You’re a problem solver
  • You know the neighborhood and town, you know the best burger, beer or falafel
  • You’re handy, meaning you can tighten a screw yourself
  • You’re a homemaker with an eye for details

Peaked your interest? Get in touch with us. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Part Time

California/New Zealand