The Slow Death of TripAdvisor Rentals

In 2000, some guys had a cool idea: Let’s build a website where professionals can post reviews of popular establishments. Soon, they realized reviews by random people visiting the shop, restaurant, or hotel were more popular than those by professionals. And that's how the TripAdvisor we know and use today was born. Then in 2007, [...]

The Thing About Fees on Rental Platforms

When guests book through a short-term rental platform like Airbnb or HomeAway, there are two numbers that stick out: The price per night – and the total they pay. Often times the total guests end up paying is more than just the price per night times the number of nights they're staying. This is due [...]

Why My Family Doesn’t Give a Single Christmas Present

For those of you out there feeling overwhelmed by Christmas, this post is for you. Deciding what Christmas presents to buy your family/friends while also dealing with real-life grinches and distractions that take us away from the true holiday season is a lot to deal with! What once was an age-old tradition to celebrate our [...]

How Much Does Airbnb Charge Guests Vs. Their Competition?

The easiest way to answer the question posed by the title of this post is with a chart. So let's take a look at one: As you can see, they all charge different rates. You might be thinking that TripAdvisor is the best place to go if you're a host, and that is the [...]

What You Need To Know About Short-Term Rental Insurance

One of the most common objections to our business model, and actually the home sharing economy in general, is something along the lines of “I don’t want any strangers in my home.” Honing in on the reason for this answer, we noticed that the single biggest concern is potential damages: Home owners are concerned that [...]

5 Simple Ways to Be a Better Host

We all want to be better host. But as a host you know there are some things you can’t do to change the experience your guests will have. You can’t change the weather, the reason for their visit or the state of mind they’re in when they get to your property. Imagine greeting a young [...]

What’s The Right Amount of Guest Interaction?

If you want to figure out what the right amount of guest interaction is, consider the perspective of your guests. Try to remember all those times where you were a guest. (Fun fact: Before I founded GoNitely me and my wife went on a journey around the entire world. During our journey we had unforgettable [...]

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How GoNitely Began: Enter GoNitely With Markus Scharnowski

As Warren Buffet would say: I won the ovarian lottery. Why? Because I was born in a place called Switzerland. It's famous for epic cheese, amazing chocolate, and one of the highest living standards in the world. One of the nicest places in Switzerland is Laax. If you like snow sports Laax is the place [...] The New Guy in Town

Do you remember those booking dot yea commercials that used to make you laugh? With 21 years of age, is one of the oldest and most popular travel sites around. Before getting bought out by The Priceline Group in 2005 they were a hotel-booking behemoth. At one point they had listings of over a [...]

Keeping it Legal: The Laws & Taxes For Short-Term Rentals

Note: This blog post focuses on entire apartments or houses as far as short-term rentals are concerned. Different regulations may apply for sharing only part of a home, especially if the host lives there as a primary residence. Short-term rentals have been a business for decades. From local realtors to small management companies to your [...]